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Dom + Joubert

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Boomrock, perched on the edge of Wellington clifftop with stunning ocean views of the south island Dom and Joubert said “I Do”.And let me tell you, nothing could dampen the spirits of this adventurous couple, not even the winter weather and some very strong winds!

The moment I laid eyes on Dom and Joubert's well-tailored outfits and stylish glasses, I knew this wedding was going to be something special. Can we take a moment to appreciate to appreciate Dom’s  stunning pearl chiffon cape?And the wedding cake? Oh my goodness, it featured replicas of their beloved pets! Talk about a personal touch that'll melt your heart!

These two knew how to really embrace winter, adding cozy vibes with mulled wine and pops of colour with vibrant florals! And We loved how they took time to regroup and watch the sunset together at pipinui point!

Scroll down to see what I mean!

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Boomrock, Dom and Joubert said “I Do”. Embracing winter with vibrant florals and cozy vibes.

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