We believe that in both life and in business, we are defined by how we treat one another. This is especially important when the world feels a little bit shit.

With the unprecedented disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to our couples, we felt it was right to take a more compassionate approach to postponements and cancellations than our standard terms of service allow.

This policy doesn’t overwrite our existing contract, but it does give our couples confidence about how we will approach cancellations and postponements; including a way to postpone their wedding for free or low-cost or, in the case they need to cancel, a potential partial refund.

COVID-19 Postponement + Cancellation Policy

If you have a wedding booking with Patina that has been affected by Government restrictions related to COVID-19, you may be eligible for a free or low-cost postponement, or a partial refund in the case you need to cancel.


If your wedding booking was made on or before 31st Dec 2021; and

This wedding is directly affected by New Zealand Government restrictions to contain the spread of COVID-19; and

These restrictions make it impossible or impractical for you (our clients) or more than 40% of your guests to attend the wedding;

Then you are eligible under this policy.


If you opt to postpone your booking with Patina, securing our availability for the new wedding date may be subject to additional fees as follows:

  1. Where the new wedding date is a weekend (Friday-Sunday), the booking shall be subject to a $500 booking fee per photographer/videographer to secure the new date.
  2. Where the new wedding date is a weekday (Monday-Thursday), any additional booking fees shall be waived.
  3. Travel fees may be added where postponement causes Patina to incur additional travel costs.

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If you opt to cancel your booking with Patina, we shall refund your photo/video service payments less the cancellation fee as follows:

  1. Where the cancellation notice is given more than 6 months before the original wedding date, the cancellation fee shall be $800.
  2. Where the cancellation notice is given less than 6 months before the original wedding date, the cancellation fee shall be $1200 per photographer/videographer.

Refunds for payments towards other products/services (such as travel fees or albums) are at Patina's discretion and are subject to our ability to claim refunds/credit.

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This policy is subject to change without notice.

Frequently asked questions

  • How soon before the wedding do we have to postpone/cancel?

    More notice is always helpful, but sometimes with sudden alert level changes, this is not always possible. With that in mind, you are able to postpone/cancel right up to the day of the wedding.

    Of course, the closer to the wedding you postpone, may affect our ability to claim credit on flights/accommodation and other travel costs which we would need to pass on to you. e.g. if you postpone 48hrs before the wedding, you might be on the hook for additional travel fees, but if you postpone with reasonable notice, we may be able to claim a refund/credit for our travel costs that we can use for the new date.

  • What if we need to postpone again?

    A wedding booking may be postponed more than once under this policy at Patina's discretion.

  • What if we decide to cancel after already postponing?

    If a booking is postponed and then later is cancelled, it will be subject to the cancellation terms under this policy. The original wedding date shall be used for the application of any cancellation fees.

  • If we postpone our wedding and we can't find a new date that works for both Patina and us, what are our options?

    If you wish to postpone and we cannot find a new date that works for you and Patina, you have the option to either:

    1. Allow Patina to organise another photographer/videographer we trust to photograph/video the wedding on our behalf. We will edit and deliver the wedding to provide you a service as close to as possible our normal high standard.
    2. Request any payments you have made so far be held in credit to be used for photoshoots or print products (including albums) in the future.
    3. Cancel the booking with Patina subject to the cancellation terms under this policy.
  • What if our wedding has events over multiple days?

    Where the wedding booking is for multiple days of coverage the postponement and cancellation fees may be applicable per-day at Patina's discretion.

  • How do we confirm a cancellation/postponement?

    Cancellation/postponement notice must be given by filling out the online form. The date of the notice shall be the submission date of the online form. If you are unable to fill out the form, you must contact Patina and get confirmation in writing that we have cancelled/postponed your booking.

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  • What is your policy for other types of photo/video jobs?

    While this policy is written for weddings, this policy may apply to other photo/video services at Patina's discretion.