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Merran + Daniel

We absolutely loved how Merran and Daniel think about marriage!

When asked what marriage meant to them they said “Commitment to each other as a dynamic duo of awesomeness, to ride life's waves, however, they may come.”

So pair this beautiful sentiment, with an epic seaside party and you get an amazing wedding celebration, that’s super unique!

Merran and Daniel wanted to create a timeless classic Hollywood vibe but with a twist. They infused their venue with lush foliage, vintage velvet furniture, and even a few playful skulls, a neon sign as a nod to their wedding mantra of “til death do we party!”

But this wasn't your typical formal affair - guests were treated to a sun-soaked party atmosphere, complete with games, gelato, and pizza. And instead of a traditional wedding cake, Merran and Daniel opted for a stunning champagne tower, with gold confetti cannons going off as Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" played.

Merran and Daniel definitely know how to throw a wedding that stands out from the rest. So if you're looking for a wedding that’s fun, modern, and filled with personality, then be sure to scroll through these images.

(Also featured on Wild hearts)

Love, laughter, and a touch of Hollywood magic - Merran and Daniel's wedding was a celebration like no other!



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