We're excited to help you design your album

An album is the ultimate way for you to experience your collection; snuggled on the couch together, flipping your way through a gorgeous album, re-living every amazing moment – your photos are going to look so good printed!

Our fine-art albums can be purchased through your client gallery or by contacting us directly.

Once you have ordered your album, these are the steps we follow to help you turn your memories into a gorgeous heirloom.

01. Order

To get started you have two options:

  1. DIY (Design It Yourself).
    Choose your album style and size from your gallery shop. You can choose images from your gallery and layout your album spreads. When you are happy with your design, simply add it to your cart and checkout. We will work with the lab to get your album printed and shipped directly to you.
  2. Use our Design Service.
    If you are having trouble choosing the right images for your album, let us take the effort out of the design work. Our Bespoke Design Service makes it incredibly easy to have your own gorgeous album. Choose your album style and size from your gallery shop, and we will lead you through the rest.

Go to your gallery or email us to get started.

02. Design layout

If you opted for our Design Service; We will start designing the layout by selecting images that complement each other and tell the story of your day and lay them out beautifully ready for you to review

Our design philosophy is to focus on modern and minimalist layouts with plenty of white space so that your photos take centre stage.

Est. design time: 3-4 weeks.

03. Review + approve

Once we have a draft design, we will book you in for your design review.

We prefer to host the design review in-person but can also do it online if need-be. This allows us to tweak the design in the meeting and it gives you the chance to view your changes in real-time.

Don’t be surprised if the first draft has many spreads; we design this initial layout to show what's possible. Our goal is to refine the design into an album you love at a price you are comfortable with.

Once you are fully happy with the design, we will send you a final online-proof for you to approve for print.

Once we have an approved design. you can customise your album with our range of cover materials and optional upgrades. View finished examples from our album range.

Cover options

Linen Cover

Choose from our range of European linens; fabulously tactile and exceptional versatile.

Buckram Cover

Contemporary and hard-wearing; our new range of metallic cloths with a subtle sheen.

Genuine Leather Cover

Luxurious Italian full grain leather that only grows more beautiful with age.
*Already included if you purchased the leather album option from your print store.

Cover Embossing

Custom emboss your album with either your initials (centered, large font) or full names (bottom right, small font, 60 characters max) in your choice of six foil colours.


Additional Spreads
25x25cm Albums
$55 / Spread
30x30cm Albums
$65 / Spread

Our albums come with the first 10 spreads included. Additional spreads can be purchased up to a max 50 spreads.

Album Size Upgrade

Upgrade from 20x20cm to 25x25cm album, or from 25x25cm to 30x30cm album.

05. Print + ship

Once we have all the info we need to print your album; we will send the design to the lab for printing and binding. Print times can vary, but the average is 6 weeks. Once printed, we will do a QA check on the album before shipping it on to you.

Est. production time: 6 weeks + shipping