The Wellington region is home to the best cafes and coastlines in New Zealand, so it’s no surprise that it also features some of the best and most diverse wedding venues in the country. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Wellington wedding venues and why we love each one.


 Prefab Hall Wedding Venue

For: urban aesthetic and great food.
Pax: 120 seated. 250 cocktail style

Wellington has such a unique cafe culture, we love that Prefab fully embraces this aesthetic. The space feels industrial and modern, but still warm and welcoming with the wooden panelling. If you’re like us, and brunch with friends is your idea of an ideal start to the weekend; then there is no better place to host your wedding than at one of your favourite local cafes, with all the great food options and atmosphere.

We are also big fans of the fact the city is right outside the door, with its gritty spirit and street art. It makes it easy to step out just as the light is getting interesting for an urban wander and photo shoot. The shapes of the urban environment allows us to play with the harsh light and shadows to create a really modern look to your wedding photos. .

Tarureka Estate

 Tarureka Estate Wedding Venue

For: relaxed weekend wedding and cozy atmosphere
Pax: 120 max

A Wairarapa venue we love is Tarureka Estate. The old barn feels cozy with the vintage rugs, fairy lights and warm wooden walls - it's got the vibe of a wooden cabin in winter, I can almost smell the mulled wine!!

The whole venue has a relaxed feel, this is in no small part thanks to the fact that they hire out the homestead and cottage for the entire weekend. Allowing you to take your time setting up the day before and also to gather everyone around the next day for a bbq. Having everyone on site, simplifies everything and can make it feel like a big sleepover/retreat with your friends and family.


 Boomrock Wellington Wedding Venue

For: The best coast and sunsets in Wellington, farm to table cuisine
Pax: 120 max

We love Boomrock because of it’s epic sweeping coastline views. The lodge is nestled into the hill-side and has that cozy feel with the blazing fireplace. The food and service is some of the best in the country, and we love how they bring the farm setting through the whole experience with manaka cuttings, berries and flowers picked on site to decorate the food, and menu inspired from the land such as slow roasted lamb.

Photographically, there isn’t a more outstanding Wellington location. The west coast cliffs tower over the Tasman Sea to catch the very last of the light as the sun settles over the South Island. It feels like you have found the edge of the world.

Lastly, we love the festoon lights; we have had a few couples opt to do their first dance under these lights and they just create such an amazing atmosphere as you dance under the stars.


 Sudbury Wedding Venue

For: ‘summer weekend away at the bach’ vibe
Pax: 150 max

We love driving up the Kapiti Coast to Sudbury, it reminds me of endless summers and sandy beaches. The venue itself has a very down-to-earth vibe with well-designed modern and stylish elements. I especially like the outdoor courtyard the curved concrete seats, I’ve always just wanted to break out the smores and toast them over the open fireplace.

We love that the beach is a short walk away. There is something freeing about doing the portraits near the sea - it feels simple and minimal like you can just kick off your shoes to play in the sand and the waves in the dusky light.



For: remote getaway with unparalleled luxury

On the southern coast of Wairarapa is possibly the most grand venues in the Wellington Region. Wharekauhau is an old country estate that oozes luxury! The house, grounds and incredible service will have you feeling like royalty. Everything is beautiful; the cream and peach tones and soft textures work together to give you an impeccable setting for your wedding.

The grandness of the estate is only superseded by the remoteness of the coast location - it’s like you have found a forgotten and near untouched corner of New Zealand; Black sand beaches and rugged cliffs make for an incredible photo backdrop and helps to make this one of the best venues in New Zealand.

Milk Station

 The Milkstation Wedding Venue

For: slice of Italy without the plane ride
Pax: 200 max

You wouldn’t expect to find a slice of Tuscany in Kapiti - but as you step through the tile capped gates to the Milkstation, it feels like you have been instantly transported to the opposite side of the globe. Olive and cypress trees, well structured gardens and pastel walls all work to create the feel of the Italian countryside.

The venue also has plenty of accommodation onsite that opens into an internal courtyard. This makes for an amazing experience when you have all your guests onsite because it can make your wedding feel like you have all travelled for weekend away together.

As photographers we also really appreciate the way the light plays in the large spaces and industrial style windows. And that there are near endless options for interesting photo spots inside and out, making it an ideal venue in any weather.

Rose & Smith

 Rose and Smith Wedding Venue

For: summer BBQ meets midsummer night’s dream
Pax: 200 max

Nestled between Featherston and Greytown is a hidden gem, the Rose and Smith wedding venue at Tauherenikau racecourse. We love it for the relaxed vibe; think summer barbeque meets midsummer night's dream.

The grand trees give Rose & Smith a woodland feel. During the day, the light filters through them so delicately. At night, the festoon lights strung between the trees create a magical atmosphere for the outdoor dance floor.

We also love the open spaces, especially the large grass area in front of the dining hall. It gives the whole space a very casual backyard-wedding vibe, with picnic tables, lawn games and the open spit-roast/bbq cooking area that allows the mouth watering smells to drift across the area.

That’s the list of our favourite Wellington Wedding Venues! What do you think? Do you have a favourite wedding venue that is not on this list? Let us know in the comments, what it is and why you love it, to help couples planning their Wellington wedding!

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