Staying warm and looking cute doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.

If you're planning a winter or spring wedding and or just getting married in NZ (where there are four seasons in one day) and thinking about how to stay warm and cute in your wedding dress —have we got some ideas for you!!

From rock-n-roll leather jackets to cute cozy boots, lush fur coats (faux of course 🦊) and secret thermal leggings. Scroll down to see some of the many ways that brides we have worked with have kept toasty warm and looked awesome at the same time.

1. Leather Jackets

Georgina wore her favourite leather jacket with her wedding dress to keep warm and a little bit drier.
It looked pretty bad ass and went perfectly with her pink hair and leopard print shoes. Don’t be afraid to wear things that are very you, and show your personality.

Leather jackets aren’t just for the ladies. Jing and Josh both wore matching leather jackets to keep warm for their winter wedding. Jing also matched her lipstick to the reds in Josh’s floral tie.

2. Denim Jacket

Vanessa had a costume change in the evening into her favourite pink sneakers and a cropped denim jacket, to bring a more casual vibe and a bit of warmth.

3. White cropped wrap around cardigan

Alyssia paired this gorgeous woolen Lonely hearts wrap cardigan with her wedding dress. The cropped length, tight fit and texture meant it complimented her outfit perfectly.

4. Secret thermal leggings

Another great way to keep warm is to wear thermal leggings underneath your wedding dress.
If the bottom of your dress isn’t super tight this can be a great way to add some warmth to your legs.

5. Boots with thermal socks

Sue opted for these cute timberland pink waterproof boots with thermal socks underneath.
So not only were her feet dry but they were also warm. Boots are also the easiest shoes for adventuring and can add a cool look to your outfit. (If you look closely you’ll see Paul is also wearing brown timerland boots).

6. Textured scarf

Lynn choose a large textured woolen soft pink scarf with tassels that doubled as a wrap when the weather turned cooler.

7. Sleeves + High neck

If you’re like me -and your circulation isn’t great in the colder weather and you find that your skin to goes red or purple, then dresses with covered long sleeves are your best friend. If you also tend to flush easily on your chest when drinking, a high neck dress also covers this well.

8. Fur or Faux fur Jacket

Nicole paired this fantastic champagne coloured faux fur jacket with her wedding dress and wore boots in the same colour . The texture photographed amazingly and she was snug and cozy.


I hope these stylish brides give you some ideas for how to add a bit of warm, texture and personality to your wedding outfit. Could you see yourself wearing one of snuggly things? Is there anything we have missed? What other ideas are there to help you to stay warm and look stylish on your wedding day?