Your wedding photographs are one of the few special things you get to keep after your wedding day, so once you have your photos you might be asking, “what’s next?”

We’re huge advocates for getting your photos off the screen and into your home where you can enjoy them for years to come, and we know that making decisions around how to display your photos can be tricky! As wedding photographers, we get asked a lot about showcasing wedding photos; from how to choose which photos to print, to where to display them and what size they should be printed.

We’re answering your most commonly asked questions and sharing our top tips and tricks for displaying wedding photos in your home.

Framed photos on the shelf in a dinning room

Photos by Patina, setting by Kari Shea via Unsplash

Why Print & Frame Your Wedding Photos?

Before we get into the how, let us tell you why printing your photos is so important.

Your collection of digital images is an amazing archive for your memories. They are all there safe and sound. But you didn't pay good money for these photos to have them sit on hard-drives, only to be looked at on anniversaries.

You want to bring them into the real world so they can bring you a little bit of joy every time you see them. The chances of this happening are greatly improved by passing them in your hallway or glancing at your bedside table first thing in the morning.

How to Choose Which Wedding Photos to Frame?

Choosing is tricky, we know! But here are some tips that might help.

Choose your favourite

You might not want to admit it, but chances are, you have a wedding photo that you love just a little more than the others. You may have chosen it for your ‘thank you’ cards or as your phone background right after you tied the knot. This is a great indicator that you feel something a little bit extra when you look at it and it should be a contender for one to print.

Choose a cinematic shot

We find that the more cinematic or artful the shot, the more it looks like art on your walls. And it can be a low-key way of showing off your wedding photos; if you’re considering a large format print, then this is a good option, rather than a giant photo of your faces (unless you’re into that of course).

Wedding photo with dramatic light

Choose a landscape

Feeling a little reluctant to print and hang a large photo of yourself on the wall? We get it.

How about opting for a landscape picture taken on your wedding day instead? When we shoot weddings we often shoot a lot of ‘context’ pictures that capture the atmosphere of what it felt like on the day you said ‘I do’.

Pop this on your wall and visitors may think merely a gorgeous landscape, while you will know that that the shot represents something more special and personal.

Farmland and rolling hills at sunset

Choose more than one

Can’t decide on just one? We don’t blame you! And the good news is; you don’t have to! Choose a handful to print and show them off in a series.

For some ideas of how this can be done, check out our article about inspirational ways to show off your photos. You can even opt for printing something more tactile like an album or a photo stack on a wooden display block. This way you can have your favourite shots printed and be able to regularly flick through your album or shuffle the printed stack to keep your space fresh.

Couple flipping through wedding album

Where Should I Hang My Wedding Photos?

The options are endless! But there are a couple of common places and benefits to all of them:

  • In the living room - The most common spot and for good reason. It’s the room you likely spend a lot of time in and there’s usually plenty of wall space for gallery walls or shelves for displaying your pics.
  • In the bedroom - Above the bed is a great place to hang a beautiful framed print, especially if you're more private and don’t want to hang a picture of yourself over the mantle piece. More intimate moments from your day might feel more comfortable in the bedroom, and you get to enjoy them when you wake up in the morning. A bedside table or a dresser is a subtle option if you don't want a large print.
Wedding photo on canvas in above a bed
Photo by Patina, setting by Shop Slo via Unsplash

  • In a hallway or foyer - Another popular spot, and it's a little less front and centre in your home. Houseguests may still pass it and be able to admire it, but it doesn't have to be a conversation piece if you don't want it to be. Series or collections of smaller pictures can work well in hallways or entrance ways. You could opt for a series of three, or a gallery wall here.
  • Your workspace - Why not add some joy to your home-office with a small print on your desk as you work. Our display blocks would be perfect here, or you could frame something artistic if you have wall space.
  • In an unexpected spot - The best thing about wedding photos is they can kind-of go anywhere you want!  Mix them in with art prints and eclectic home decor and experiment with different ways to hang them on the wall, pop them inside a snow globe, calendar, turn them into magnets and see them when you head to the fridge for snacks! There are no rules, except maybe keep them out of the bathroom.

Tip: Make sure you have the right tools and picture hooks to ensure your photos stay put. Read up on how to hang art and photos before busting out your hammer and nails.

Framed wedding photos in living room above couch
Photos by Patina, setting by Minh Pham via Unsplash

Where to Buy Frames for Your Photos?

Once you have some images in mind and you’ve picked the spot to hang them; you might now be wondering about how to get them framed.

If you’ve just spent a lot of money on your wedding, you may not have a lot of spare cash, so it's great to know there are plenty of affordable options available in standard sizes. Our favourite stores for frames in New Zealand are Framefox, Spotlight, Freedom Furniture, Country Road & Citta Design.

If we were creating a gallery wall, we would get a few large-mid-size frames from Citta Design or Country Road and then fill in with small basic black or white frames from Kmart. The key is to look for frames that have good depth, glass (not plastic) and always print your photos at the highest quality you can afford. Professional printing is archival quality meaning that the inks are made to last giving you true to life colours that don’t fade over time.

If you’re thinking about investing in printing and displaying your wedding photo as a piece of art; talk to a professional framer who will be able to help you through different kinds of spacers and framing options, and technical things like UV protected glass to keep your prints in top condition. In Wellington we recommend The Workshop.

Also, consider alternative frames! Acrylic blocks, poster hanger bars, or copper frames all make for interesting display options. Check out our Pinterest board for our favourite framing ideas.

Framed wedding photo on the mantle piece
Photo by Patina, setting by Hannah Busing via Unsplash

What Size Should I Print My Wedding Photos?

So many options! This will totally depend on your room, your preference, and the print you want to display.

  • Go big - Large shots can make a statement and be bold and eye-catching. Be sure to download and print the high-resolution pictures and not the web-sized versions so you don’t lose any detail. People also tend to panic about printing big that every detail will be on display but remember the bigger the image the further back people will stand to admire it.
  • Little and lots - A great option and may help keep things on the affordable side. Think polaroids or smaller print sets. These can also make natural conversation starters by being able to tell show more snippets of the wedding day.
  • Mix it up - Small and large images together can create an eclectic effect and look great when mixed in with other pieces on an art wall ledge or gallery wall.

If your trying to choose a print size for a specific space, mock it up with digital tools like photoshop or even your smartphone with a pen tool. Using masking tape, brown paper, or a pencil on a wall can help you visualise sizes and orientations of your prints. Don’t be afraid to ask for help too! We can help you envisage your wedding photos in your spaces and make recommendations to help your pics look their best at home.

Gallery wall of photos framed at many different sizes
By Amy Humphries via Unsplash

Ready to Display Your Pics?

We totally believe in displaying your wedding photos in whatever way you choose, so you can be reminded of the best day ever. Check out our printing options and get in touch if you want help or advice on how to display your pictures - we’re always happy to help!

Also be sure to check out ways some of our couples have displayed their photos.