About Wairarapa wedding venues

Welcome to Wairarapa — a hidden gem nestled at the heart of New Zealand! Its untouched beauty, lush vineyards and dreamy landscapes are just begging to be backdrops of your love story. 

The best time of year for a Wairarapa wedding? Definitely summer! December through February, when the sun shines bright and the grasses are golden—it's magic, pure magic.

Now let's talk venues—the big talk, right? Think Burnside Church for that old-world romance, or Tarureka Estate if a rustic barn full of fairy lights gets your heart fluttering. For the wine lovers, the picturesque vineyards of Palliser Estate or Te Kairanga Vineyard can’t be beat.

So why Wairarapa? Picture this: saying "I do" among sun-dappled vineyards, with the Tararua ranges cheering you on in the backdrop. And then, as day gives way to a star-studded sky, you’re dancing barefoot on the grass, hand in hand with your love. Wairarapa—it's where dreams take flight. Come, start your forever here!

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