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Catherine + Jon

If you’re planning a wedding, and still deciding what season to get married let me (and our incredible couple Cat and Jon) show you how amazing a winter wedding can be!

Cat and Jon told us how the Danish concept of hygge was their inspiration to throw a winter wedding. The beautiful concept of hygge can't be translated into one english word, but it’s about three things;

  • creating a cozy, warm atmosphere,
  • mindfully appreciating the little things,
  • and fostering a sense of together-ness and community

Which sums up exactly how their wedding was!! They set out to create hygge and my gosh, did they achieve it! From the cute little church packed to the brim with their favourite people, to the warm hall complete with velvet curtains, flower installation, and the smell of mulled wine drifting through the air (that Cat made herself) to the family-style dining, Cat and Jon really created a warm cozy atmosphere for their close-knit community.

Cat and Jon both work in medicine, and have a shared love for God, their community and long bike rides together. They are passionate people who live in the moment, so for them, their wedding was all about how it felt, so hosting their wedding in a church and in a lanscape they bike often was special. To make the most of the landscape, early sunset, and to enjoy time with their friends and family they opted for a lunch time wedding and spent the evening adventuring together in the Makara hills as the sun set.

It was an incredible atmosphere, and we loved being surrounded by so much love and joy and hygge, scroll to see this day for yourself.

Cat and Jon told us how the Danish concept of hygge was their inspiration to throw a winter wedding.
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Photographer: Patina Photo + Video, Hemi + Michelle

Ceremony + Reception Venue: St Patricks Church and Makara Hall

Florist: Woodstock Florist

Dress: Sally Eagle Bridal

Earrings: Kate Wood Jewellery

Hair: Miss Dom Styling

Suit: Munns

Catering: The Catering Studio

Celebrant: Andrew Southerton

Cake: Half Baked

Photobooth: We Do Photography

Makeup: By friend Zoe Benn

Wedding rings: Patridge Jewellers

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