Your venue can go a long way towards setting the style and tone for your wedding. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a traditional setting, but what if you want to do something a little different?

We have compiled nine of our favourite out-of-the-box wedding venue ideas to help give you some extra options when it comes to choosing a great spot to host your party.


1. Converted Warehouse

It's easy to see why old warehouses, fire stations, and other industrial spaces are becoming more popular for weddings. They are often architecturally interesting, big enough to host a great party and have fascinating backstories.

Because of this, these spaces often require very minimal styling and decorating as the space itself is the aesthetic. Concrete floors, soaring ceilings, exposed brick, heavy beams, and those classic steel frame gridded windows that filter the light so beautifully, make a converted industrial space perfect for a modern chic/urban wedding.

There are plenty of examples of this style, but two of our favourites are The Milk Station, near Otaki and The Old Fire Station in Whanganui.


2. Surf/Boating Club

If there is nothing you love more than smell of the ocean air then you should definitely look into hosting your wedding at a surf club hall or local boating club room. It’s a great way to add a relaxed, beach, summer mood to your wedding.

A surf club will add a casual and eclectic vibe to your day; think old photos, trophies, oars, a comfortable worn-in feel. These space’s always bring back a strong sense of nostalgia and endless summer days on the beach.

There is also so much potential to carry the setting throughout your day; you could encourage a 70’s theme, have an outdoor ceremony on the nearby beach, and decorate the club-room with little flags. The food could keep the mood going, with comfort fare such as wood fired pizzas and burgers - you could even have an ice cream truck make an appearance!


3. Rooftop

Nothing quite compares to hosting your wedding on rooftop, high above the city with unobstructed views and feeling like you’re on top of the world. There isn't really another spot that can give you that feeling of being in the present - in the only place that matters right now - and yet totally connected to the city you love. The vibe can be chic and elegant, as you sip espresso Martinis and enjoy the last light of the day.


4. Wild Coast

New Zealand has some of the most dramatic coastlines in the world, why not make this natural treasure a feature of your wedding. With a marquee like those from Twelve Tables or Gather and Gold you could make a weekend of it anywhere from Coromandel to Castle Point. Or unique venues such as Boomrock and Wharekauhau combine the convenience of a ready-made lodge with views that take your breath away.

Not only is it incredible to be in such a wild rugged, landscape, but you can weave that rustic theme throughout the entire experience, using manaka cuttings in the table decorations, berries and flowers picked on site to decorate the food, and menu inspired from the land such as slow roasted lamb or hungi cooked shellfish.


5. Animal Experience

We all love our fur babies, so it makes perfect sense to incorporate an animal experience into your wedding day. There are a handful of places that offer this opportunity right in the venue; animal sanctuaries such as Staglands, or the SPCA.

At the SPCA, during your cocktail hour, the staff bring out kittens and puppies for you and your guests to play with - we’ve never seen so many excited faces! And if that wasn’t awesome enough, you know the money spent on the wedding is going back to support these awesome organisations and the animals they care for.


6. Your Favourite Restaurant

Why not treat your friends and family to your favourite eatery experience? If food is high on your list of things you and your partner share, and you want your wedding to feel like a relaxed dinner party, then your favourite restaurant could be the perfect place to host your wedding.

A great restaurant comes built in with atmosphere, great service, stylish decor and of course outstanding food. The urban surrounds with interesting textures and light, also make for perfect photo spots close-by.


7. Private Property + Food Stalls

I think we can all agree that being outside in summer is pretty great, basking in the sunshine by day and under the stars at night. To create, what I like to call ‘casual with style’, opt for a private property/homestead and set the relaxed tone in the way you serve food.

By forgoing the traditional sit down formal dinner and opting for food trucks or food stalls you can craft an engaging experience with delicious smells drifting through the air. By having a few options for different foods and flavour you can create some interest around the food tents and a bustling vibe, for that ultimate summer festival feeling.


8. Glasshouse

Have you ever imagined getting married completely surrounded by lush green plants and flowers? Then you should look into the idea of getting married in a glasshouse. A glasshouse can be an affordable option, and can also give you some peace of mind knowing your venue will work in rain or shine.

It’s the perfect excuse to weave a botanical theme throughout your wedding stationary and all the flowers and natural greenery create an incredible ambiance that’s magical when lit up at night.

You may be able to find abandoned glasshouses (google earth is your friend!!!) in regions where market crops are grown, such as Kapiti, Bombay Hills, Hawkes Bay, and Christchurch as well as many other spots around the country - it could be as simple as asking the owner for permission. Alternately, most City Councils have a glasshouse as part of their botanical garden, such as Begonia House in Wellington, and many will hire out these spaces for events and weddings.


9. Art Gallery

An art gallery can make a perfectly relaxed, intimate wedding venue. They are often small and quirky spaces creating a memorable and intimate experience. Having your ceremony set against the backdrop of art is a great way to celebrate; your guests can peruse the art and there is no need to further decorate the space.

The inner-city setting and minimalist styling is perfect to set a modern mood and is a great excuse to ready embrace the cheese-board and champagne vibe.

That’s our list, but we would love you to tell us about any we have missed. What are best non-traditional wedding venue ideas you can think of? And how could you make bring that theme through to the rest of the wedding such as the styling, outfits, food and entertainment? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments!