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Grace + Hugh

Grace and Hugh's wedding day was an absolute dream, combining the best of a wedding and a live music festival.

They spent their dating years studying in Dunedin, totally obsessed with the amazing Anthonie Tonnon. So, of course, they couldn't resist having him perform at their wedding - and guess what? Anthonie is just as big a fan of Grace and Hugh as they are of him!

But it wasn't just about the music. Grace and Hugh are nature lovers, and they made sure to infuse their special day with the beauty of native New Zealand flora. Family members and friends lovingly foraged the most stunning native blooms to create a magical atmosphere.

To top it all off, the day started at Grace's family's stunning property in Morrison's bush, surrounded by native bush and stunning views across the valley.  Take a glimpse into their love story in the gallery below.

Wedding-meets-live-music-festival dream!

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